Goyal Orchid Piccadilly – A Perfect Mixture of Greenery and Modernity

Goyal Orchid Piccadilly is the most recent project by goyal&Co Group in Bangalore which will be a classic mixture of sophistication and elegance. The houses will be build to have an amazing view with a mixture of greenery and modernity that add will charm to your living experience. They will be specifically designed to ensure that no available space is wasted. The rooms will be architecture to be aerated and naturally lit. The property will be encompassed by perfectly manicured courts that are stylishly remarkable. Customers anticipating leasing or purchasing these houses will have an extensive variety of houses decisions. Lodging alternatives incorporate.

The location of this exquisite project has disclosed by the Goyal&Co. Group & we all know the positioning will be done nicely as we can see from the places of other projects by the group.


set up in the year 1970 in the city Ahmedabad, the Goyal&Co. Group has strived to accomplish greatness in the field of Construction, Architecture, Real Estate, Construction Management, Facility and Infrastructure Management. Since its foundation the gathering has given the best esteem and quality to customers. Today, Goyal&Co. is a surely understood name having some expertise in the development vouch for our position as a pioneer in the building business.

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